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        Visibility meter
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        Atmospheric transmission visibility meter
        Njd-1ts atmospheric transmission instrument consists of optical transmitter (Ex) and optical receiver (Rx), which are installed face to face on a set distance (measuring baseline length). The two beams cross to form an ideal cylinder, which is suitable for sample volume analysis. Particles suspended in the sample volume absorb and / or scatter light from all directions, thereby reducing the luminous flux reaching the receiver. The transmittance or TAA (atmospheric transmissivity) is calculated from the received flux measurements (received to emitted flux ratio), and then the corresponding visibility value mor (meteorological optical range) can be derived from the koesmider theorem.

        These values and brightness measurements (with built-in brightness or background brightness sensor option for higher accuracy) can be used to calculate AV (aviation visibility) and potential RVR (10 Mn (min) average metar runway visual range, runway lighting with maximum brightness). According to ICAO regulations (RVR measurement must be completed more than 2.5m from the beginning of runway), the height of optical probe should be adjustable (select different columns) to adapt to the configuration of any site.

        Njd-1ts atmospheric transmission instrument adopts LED white light source, which can emit stable white light. The radiation energy spectrum ranges from 400 nm to 750 nm. The position of the light source is accurate, repeatable and stable, which can minimize the error caused by selective absorption and maintain the accuracy of the system in liquid or solid precipitation or absorbing particles. The life of LED light source is more than 25000 hours.

        The transmitter and receiver are composed of a metal housing (EMC protection) equipped with a rotating bracket (two independent shafts), which is matched with the column. The optical components are contained in each housing, along with demisting, measurement and control, ventilation, heating, and internal wiring. These elements maintain a clean atmospheric environment around the optical components and protect them from dust, wind, precipitation, and extreme temperatures even under harsh environmental conditions. A shielded serial digital link between transmitter and receiver for measurement synchronization and function management.

        The product has a friendly local man-machine interface (MMI: display and keyboard), which makes the setting, calibration, operation and detection functions easy; It is installed in the control box of the transmitter column. The configuration and command of all parameters can be completed remotely.
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