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        Automatic observation system
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        Precipitation Station
        Zqz-2dy single rainfall station is an outdoor design, which can be installed in any terrain. Through wired and wireless network, the central station collects and stores rainfall data information of each point. The product can be used in meteorological and hydrological data collection, debris flow warning, artificial rainfall monitoring, ecological environment monitoring and meteorological monitoring.

        This product uses stainless steel chassis, can work in outdoor unmanned environment, especially suitable for outdoor harsh environment, the protection level reaches IP65. The product supports a variety of remote communication modes, including GPRS, CDMA1X, GSM, PSTN, ADSL, etc. The local communication mode supports RS232 and RS-485. And in order to meet the needs of customization, local communication and remote communication can be applied at the same time.

        This product uses real-time collection of precipitation per minute. Support a variety of power supply methods, such as AC, solar, etc. The product is suitable for large-scale networking and supports remote maintenance. When the measured value of the element exceeds the threshold set by the user or the hardware part fails, the system actively transmits the alarm information to the central station.
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