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        X-band digital weather radar


        This product is mainly used for weather forecast. They can not only detect cloud height, cloud thickness, cloud base height, cloud water content, but also detect two-dimensional wind field and cloud advection velocity in precipitation cloud, identify the active area of Hail in storm, have real-time monitoring and alarm ability for medium and small-scale storm, hail, gale and other disastrous weather, and have the ability to obtain environmental wind field. Provide the key information of meteorological decision and service in time; Cooperate with anti-aircraft gun or rocket to carry out hail suppression, artificial rainfall or precipitation enhancement operation with high spatial and temporal accuracy, and test the effect.

        The equipment uses modern radar hardware technology and advanced FPGA digital signal processing technology, with accurate measurement, stable performance, high reliability, easy operation, low power consumption and few faults. The radar uses advanced stereo scanning technology to obtain all-weather basic data; The types of digital meteorological products can meet the needs of various applications, and can be customized and expanded according to the user's requirements.
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