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        X-band Doppler Weather Radar
        The working frequency of the product is in X-band, which is mainly used for weather forecast. The product can not only detect cloud height, cloud thickness, cloud bottom height and cloud water content, but also detect the radial component of flow field in precipitation cloud and the active area of airflow and turbulence in storm. It has the ability of real-time monitoring and alarm for medium and small-scale storms, hailstones, strong wind shear, cyclones, tornadoes and gales, as well as the ability to obtain environmental wind field.

        The product uses solid-state modulator transmitter, high-frequency inverter low ripple power supply, dual frequency, PPP and FFT digital signal processing and data processing technology. The system has multi-function system control and processing software, and adopts vector electronic map (or electronic chart) display of GPS positioning. The system adopts unmanned automatic remote control operation, users can monitor the main parameters of radar and system operation from the monitoring terminal. When the important working parameters exceed the critical value, the system terminal will give a display and warning, and automatically turn off the radar high voltage.

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