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        Portable X-band Digital Weather Radar
        Gy-3b mobile digital weather radar is a portable radar system designed for provincial, municipal and county meteorological departments and troops to carry out mobile tasks. It can monitor the distance, azimuth, height and cloud thickness of rain, hail and cumulonimbus within 120 km, and provide on-site meteorological decision-making and services; Cooperate with anti-aircraft gun and rocket to carry out hail suppression, artificial rainfall or precipitation enhancement operation with high space-time accuracy and effect test.

        The product is characterized by small size and light weight, which can be carried by jeeps, pickup trucks and commercial vehicles. It can be mounted on the roof of the car, placed in the car, and even portable. The system is also equipped with a GPS global positioning system.

        The equipment uses modern radar technology, with accurate measurement, stable performance, high reliability, easy operation, low power consumption and few faults. The radar uses advanced stereo scanning technology to obtain the basic data of the whole day; The types of digital meteorological products can meet all kinds of application needs of county meteorological stations, and can be developed and expanded according to user requirements. Each system of the equipment adopts advanced DSP technology, which makes the system stable and reliable.

        The map displayed in the real-time scanning display interface of the product is an electronic map. With the change of GPS output position, the scanning center of radar map is changing, which is convenient for vehicle and mobile. The real-time scanning display interface has the function of switching transmitter high voltage, fault display, echo signal strength display and radar antenna status display, which is convenient for the operator to work. The real-time scanning display interface has the function of displaying the azimuth and distance from each shot point to the target, which improves the operation accuracy.

        The post-processing products of the system include animation, original volume scanning, horizontal scanning, vertical scanning, intensity Cappi, RHI and PPI; Synthetic reflectance; The synthetic reflectance of the layer; Echo top height; Echo bottom height; Vertical water content; Precipitation distribution, etc.

        In the operation of artificial rainfall or hail suppression, according to the preset shot point position, it can calculate the accurate azimuth angle, pitch angle value of the antiaircraft gun or rocket, and the range of the shot point from the target, and direct the operation of the antiaircraft gun or artillery, which greatly improves the accuracy and effectiveness of the operation and saves the operation cost.
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