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        L-band Radiosonde
        L-band radiosonde receiver is the backup equipment of L-band high altitude wind radar deployed by National Meteorological Administration. It can replace L-band radar to receive radiosonde information when L-band radar fails, realize the seamless connection of radiosonde information and ensure the integrity of radiosonde data; It can also be used for small weather stations to receive radiosonde information of L-band radiosonde directly.

        The high frequency head of gy-5 L-band radiosonde receiver adopts low noise field amplifier, and the intermediate frequency part adopts frequency synthesis lock-in receiving technology, which has good receiving performance and stable and reliable receiver; The receiver panel is equipped with frequency tuning, signal gain indication, and the display screen shows the working frequency and antenna position, which is easy to operate. The software operation is fully compatible with L-band radar.
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