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        Multifunctional Receiving and Processing System for Satellite Cloud Imagery
        Qy-5 polar orbiting meteorological satellite receiving and processing system adopts a multi satellite receiving design. The system can receive not only high resolution HRPT Polar Orbiting Meteorological cloud images broadcast by NOAA series of us and FY1 series of Chinese polar orbiting meteorological satellites, but also high resolution and low resolution static meteorological cloud images broadcast by MTSAT of Japan and FY2C of China. The system has complete functions, advanced technology, high degree of automation and intelligence, and good image effect; The work is stable and reliable; New structure, advanced technology, small volume and light weight; Low tracking noise, perfect self-test function, easy to use and maintain.

        The system adopts digital IF receiving technology, adopts advanced large-scale programmable integrated circuit to replace a large number of discrete components in the previous analog receiver, uses software algorithm to demodulate and decode, greatly improves the stability and reliability of the receiver, reduces the demodulation threshold, improves the receiving quality of cloud image, and reaches the international advanced level in the same period.

        The product is widely used in various arms of the army, meteorological department, marine department, agriculture and forestry department, earthquake department. The type, range and temperature of cloud can be observed and analyzed intuitively. The medium and short-term weather can be forecasted. The severe tropical storm can be analyzed and forecasted. The rainfall trend can be forecasted. The frost can be forecasted through the measurement of temperature and water vapor.

        The product can observe the change of sea water temperature and discover the fish school and its range of activities. The product can also be used for vegetation monitoring, agricultural yield estimation and growth monitoring of agricultural plants. The product has excellent performance in forest fire monitoring, flood disaster assessment and drought area assessment.
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