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        Receiving and Processing System for EOS/MODIS
        EOS satellite, a new generation of earth observation satellite, is a polar orbit satellite launched by NASA to broadcast X-band signals. The advantage of EOS satellite system lies in its advanced instrument system. For example, MODIS, which is carried on both eos-am and eos-pm satellites, has 36 spectral channels with resolutions of 250m, 500m and 1000m respectively. The scanning width of each orbit is 2300km, and the regression period is 1-2 days (similar to that of NOAA series satellites), which can be used to analyze the surface characteristics of the earth and the ocean, clouds, radiation and aerosols, And radiation balance.

        EOS satellite data can be widely used in meteorology, environment, forestry, agriculture, fishery, port military, transportation, natural disaster monitoring and other fields. Qy-8 EOS / MODIS receiving system can receive dB (direct broadcast) data of eos-am and eos-pm. The antenna is in X-Y mounting mode, with imported stepping motor and drive module, high tracking accuracy and stable operation. If receiving and demodulation system is a digital IF and digital demodulation and decoding technology, which is stable and reliable with low failure rate.

        Qy-8 EOS / MODIS receiving system consists of 3.2m antenna, waveguide feed, low noise amplifier, down converter, digital IF receiving and demodulation system, antenna control system and GPS receiver. The antenna control system controls the antenna to track the satellite accurately according to the parameters of orbit prediction. The signal broadcast by the satellite is amplified by the antenna, feed and low noise amplifier, converted into IF signal by down converter, and transmitted to the indoor digital IF receiving and demodulation system through signal cable. The digital IF receiving and demodulation system directly demodulates the input if signal by QPSK Viterbi decoding, the final output to the processing system for data processing.

        The antenna control system uses high-precision axis angle conversion module to indicate the antenna position, and the indication accuracy is less than 0.01 °, GPS provides high-precision time reference, adopts embedded high-speed processor to control the operation of the antenna in real time, and the imported stepping motor and controller precisely control the operation speed of the antenna to ensure that the tracking error of the antenna is less than 0.05 °。 workbench
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