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        QY-3 new generation geostationary meteorological satellite receiving and processing system

        The equipment can receive and process the data of the new generation of Japanese geostationary meteorological satellite sunflower 8. Compared with MTSAT, the performance of sunflower 8 satellite has been greatly improved. From 5 channels in MTSAT period to 16 channels (3 visible, 3 near-infrared and 10 infrared). Kuihua 8 accelerated the frequency of observation. The overall observation interval of Kuihua 8 was shortened to 10 minutes, i.e. 6 maps per hour and 144 maps per day. Sunflower 8 improved the horizontal resolution of the image. The horizontal resolution of sunflower 8 is twice that of MTSAT, that is, the resolution of visible light is 0.5 ~ 1km, and the resolution of infrared and near infrared is 1 ~ 2km.

        QY-3 new generation meteorological satellite receiving and processing system adopts high-performance antenna feeder and digital satellite receiver. According to the cloud image characteristics of Kuihua 8 satellite, the product design of cloud image data processing is carried out, and the algorithms of precipitation estimation, sea fog detection and cloud classification are improved.

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