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        Japan's new generation geostationary meteorological satellite himawari-8 receiving and processing system officially launched
        Hits:600  Time:2021-04-11

        Japan's new generation of himawari-8 geostationary meteorological satellite officially started broadcasting satellite observation data at 02:00 (UTC) on July 2, 2015. Compared with the previous generation of geostationary meteorological satellite MTSAT, himawari-8 meteorological satellite has increased the number of observation channels from 5 to 16 (Himawari cast 14). It has 3 visible light channels, 3 near-infrared channels and 10 infrared channels, which can meet the needs of disaster weather monitoring and forecasting, urban flood warning and large-scale environmental monitoring in civil aviation, water conservancy, agriculture, transportation and other fields, It can also be applied to military meteorology. 

        At the same time, it has higher temporal and spatial resolution, in which the resolution of visible channel cloud image is 0.5-1km, the resolution of near infrared and infrared channel cloud image is 2-4km, and the total observation frequency is once every 10 minutes. Himawari-8 meteorological satellite is one of the most advanced meteorological satellites in the world. According to the plan of Japan Meteorological Agency, himawari-8 and himawari-9 will work continuously for 15 years.

        Based on the needs of domestic civil aviation, water conservancy, agriculture, transportation and other fields in terms of meteorological information, our company independently develops a set of software and hardware integrated data receiving and processing system for Japanese new generation geostationary meteorological satellite himawari-8 with higher resolution data. Realize the full automation of himawari-8 ultra-high resolution satellite data from receiving to forming operational meteorological products.

        Key technologies:
        1. Data receiving and analytical imaging of himawari-8 satellite.
        2. Processing technology of folding receiving antenna for geostationary meteorological satellite.
        3. Precipitation estimation, sea fog recognition, forest fire point recognition and other international advanced satellite meteorological products algorithm.
        4. Big data cloud computing, through idol for unstructured data analysis, machine learning.
        5. System fault diagnosis and safety control technology.

        technological innovation:
        1. Through cooperation with domestic well-known universities, a variety of foreign innovative hardware technologies and software algorithms are applied to the higher resolution satellite data receiving and processing system of himawari-8.
        2. The himawari-8 satellite data receiving and analyzing imaging system adopts the integrated design of software and hardware, and a large number of international advanced programmable electronic components are applied to realize the miniaturization and intellectualization of the receiving and processing system.
        3. The traditional meteorological satellite receiving antenna is bulky and immovable. Through the application of folding receiving antenna processing technology of geostationary meteorological satellite, this limitation is broken through, and the data receiving system of geostationary meteorological satellite is mobile and fully automated.

        Application Innovation:
        1. Through the powerful machine learning and unstructured data retrieval function of idol, the satellite meteorological cloud image is combined with automatic cloud image recognition and retrieval, and the analysis and analogy of user's meteorological service are used to provide decision-making data support for meteorological forecast, so as to meet the urgent needs of China Meteorological Administration for the modernization of meteorological service.
        2. Cloud pictures are combined with AR technology popular on the mobile Internet, and the original monotonous weather forecast service is combined with interesting cloud animation to optimize the user experience, so that cloud pictures can be played.
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